Website Creation

I have developed 4 websites for my Association. I have created two Conference websites, a PAC websites and a website for the Forest Landowner Foundation.


2013 Conference Site

National Conference Site

Forest Landowners Political Action Committee Site

Forest Landowner Foundation Site


Interactive Web-page Design

Grassroots Advocacy

There are videos, widgets displaying information on particular bills, and a web-form to write members of Congress, all without having to navigate away from the page.


Success Measures of Interactive Media

I developed a web-page to promote members to engage in grass roots advocacy. The web-page contained information on a bill introduced to Congress, interactive political widgets, and an embedded video.


As an effort to encourage members to write Congress, I included widgets that stream comments sent to Congress and a map displaying data for opposition and support of the bills.


Before sending out a Call-To-Action email with links to the new web-page, only 2 letters had been written to Congress. After I sent out the email and our membership navigated to the new web-page, over 120 people had written their Members of Congress.





Value Creation: Getting a Peek Behind the Curtain

Membership focused pages include Magazine Article Archives, and directory access.


Our Association offers paying members to read our magazine articles online, however, there was no availability for potential new members to preview the magazine. I created html versions of our magazine articles and allow non-members to read the beginning of the articles while paying members have access to the whole article.


This gives potential new members a way to see one of the benefits of being a member. This also helps the website with SEO. View the Magazine Article Archive┬╗


Analyzing The User Experience

Before developing a website for the National Conference, I created these web-pages to inform attendees and potential attendees about the conference. After analyzing the pages, I felt that the user experience could be enhanced by creating a website for the National Conference that was user friendly and easy to navigate. View the website here ┬╗