PAC Logos

I have designed the following logo for the Forest Landowner Political Action Committee at the request of the Executive Committee. The 8 stars represent the 8 states that Forest Landowners Represented in 1941.

Community Website Logo

FLA is putting together a new website  called the community website. I designed the following logo for advertisement purposes.

Peachtree Road Studio

As a freelance graphic designer, I design logos for companies like the Atlanta recording studio, Peachtree Road Studio.  When designing the logo for Peachtree Road Studio I asked what the client what about music they felt best represented them and their studio. My client explained to me that their favorite note in music is the fermata, because it represents an element that allows for creativity. I  used the fermata and lines of sheet music to create the P in the logo.

Super PAC

I designed the logo for the Forest Landowners Super Political Action Committee.

My Logo

This is the logo I've designed for myself.

Katelin Baker