I create advertisements designed to be used in print and web media. View more examples of my advertisement designs»







View the raffle tickets I've created for Forest Landowner Foundation Fundraisers»




Raffle Tickets


I design logos for clients. I work with them to understand what they see their company representing. When designing the logo for Peachtree Road Studio, a Recording Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, I asked what the client what about music they felt best represented them and their studio. My client explained to me that their favorite note in music is the fermata, because it represents an element that allows for creativity. I  used the fermata and lines of sheet music to create the P in the logo. View more logos »




Logo Development


I do graphic design for newsletters, emails, and other digital and print publications. I designed the FLA one hundred dollar bill with Adobe Illustrator.  View more graphic headers»




Graphic Headers

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Using Adobe Flash Professional, and Adobe Photoshop I create interactive media such as buttons and flash advertisements for our website. View more examples»




Interactive Media


I also create graphic art using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  View more graphic art»




Graphic Art