Same Message, Different Target Audience

The three images on the right display examples of campaign emails I created (both content and design) with messages tailored for a specific target audience.


Each message had the same bottom line: get people to join. The message itself was tailored for a specific audience.

Member Focused Emails

Event Focused Campaigns

Campaigns focusing on highlighted speakers for Conferences encourage members to register for the Event.


I also send out campaigns reviewing past events (see third image on right) that include photos of attendees and sum up the event. Members enjoy sharing campaigns that cover past events by forwarding the campaign and interacting on Facebook by liking and commenting on photos.



Engaging Members: Grassroots Advocacy

When a bill is introduced to the US Congress that will have an impact on our membership, we send out action alerts to our membership encouraging them to write their representative. We provide information on how the bill will impact them and also create a web-page with interactive elements to go along with the action alert.