Print Ads


Advertisements I created in Illustrator published in our Forest Landowner Magazine.


Designing Ads Log-A-Load

I recently designed an advertisement for the Log A Load For Kids campaign, scheduled to be published in our Forest Landowner Magazine. I created the advertisement using a combination of graphics from the campaign's website and a pdf newsletter they had provided me.


The campaign liked the ad so much that they asked me to create another version to run in the National Wild Turkey Federation's Magazine, Turkey Country.

Designing Ads for FLA

I designed this Ad as part of a membership sign up promotion featured in the Conference Program I designed. The Ad included sign up forms on the facing pages of the program.


I came up with the design after discussing with our CEO the purpose of the campaign. We had thrown out ideas such as "Join FLA's Army". I decided on creating an ad that mimicked the Uncle Sam posters but using our tree-man logo as "Uncle Sam" in order to brand the ad.


Full Page Ad: Enhanced Consulting Forester Program

The enhanced consulting forester program was a successful program I implemented in 2012.


I wanted to promote participation within the organization while at the same time bringing in new members, so I launched this program.


This program provides a multitude of benefits not offered before to consulting foresters based on a tiered pricing schedule.


One of the benefits for the two highest payment tiers is to have a company logo included in the magazine. This benefit allows consulting foresters to increase their visibility to potential customers and expands their advertising audience at a preferred rate.

Designing Ads for FLA

I recently designed an advertisement for my association to be published in forestry related publications. I used our Guiding Principles and Marketing Slogans to create this advertisment.

Web Ads

Designing Ads for FLA

I designed this ad for the e-newsletter soliciting members to purchase gift memberships.

Designing Ads for FLA

I designed the following ad to run in our e-newsletter. The ad links to a survey form for members to fill out. Submitted questions are sent out to our membership and then the question and answers received are published in Forest Landowner Magazine.

Designing Ads for FLA Events

I designed ads for our website reminding people to reserve their hotel rooms for our National Conference. This ad was placed on the home-page so that information on the conference is easy to find.

Designing Ads for E-Newsletters

I designed an ad for our E-Newsletter. This ad linked to a on-line form I had created to make online ordering possible. Our online ordering for this book has been extremely successful.