Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Katelin Baker and I am the marketing coordinator for a small non-profit organization. My skills extend beyond those of just design, and reach into using marketing techniques to enhance business operations and meet specific goals.


Dedicated and innovative marketing professional offering a strong foundation in research, communication, marketing and creative design, complemented by an easy adaptability for new projects and environments. Ability to add value to business discussions and decision-making through respectful, fact-based challenges. Equipped with a substantial knowledge of sustainability and experienced in application of marketing techniques to advocate corporate social responsibility components which keep free markets viable and resilient to trade barriers.Understands and executes marketing techniques including article content planning, creation, and insight of recently implemented initiatives. Possesses hands-on experience with business operations and teamwork, as well as strong skills in communications and the ability to deliver high quality results. 

My Latest Work

I create e-Newsletters, brochures, advertisements, web-pages, magazine spreads, banner designs, conference programs, logos, and interactive flash media for my association. Here’s a few of my most recent works.


About Katelin Baker

I have developed 4 websites for my Association. I have created two Conference websites, a PAC websites and a website for the Forest Landowner Foundation.


2013 Conference Site

National Conference Site

Forest Landowners Political Action Committee Site

Forest Landowner Foundation Site



I create advertisements designed to be used in print and web media. View more examples of my advertisement designs»






I design logos for clients. I work with them to understand what they see their company representing. When designing the logo for Peachtree Road Studio, a Recording Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, I asked what the client what about music they felt best represented them and their studio. My client explained to me that their favorite note in music is the fermata, because it represents an element that allows for creativity. I  used the fermata and lines of sheet music to create the P in the logo. View more logos »




Logo Development


I designed the name badges to be worn by attendees at the National Conference. The design incorporates FLA's logo as the background of the badge.  I've also designed posters, board book covers, programs, websites, and raffle tickets for the National Conference. View more conference materials I've designed »




Conference Materials: Name Badges


I create forms the association uses. I design forms for membership sign up, event registrations, sponsor opportunities, confirmation forms, and voting ballots used both digitally and in print for mass mailings.  View more Forms »




Form Creation


I create advertisements, and snackable messaging with Adobe Flash Professional. The flash elements help to highlight key messaging that is otherwise lost in paragraphs of text.  View more Interactive Media »




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Interactive Media

Magazine Content Creation and Layout Design

I create content for Forest Landowner Magazine's Association News section. I also create advertisements and promotional spreads for the association published in Forest Landowner. I am experienced with Adobe InDesign and use this program along with Adobe Photoshop to create these spreads.  View more Magazine Spreads »




Brochure Design

I create brochures used for membership information, sponsorship solicitation, and event/conference information.  I am experienced with Adobe InDesign and use this program along with Adobe Photoshop to create these spreads.  View more Brochures»




Graphic Header Design

I design graphics for email headers, web-page and website headings, newsletter headings, and letters. I use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe photoshop to create unique branding headers.  View more Headers»





I also create graphic art using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  View more graphic art»




Graphic Art


Email campaigns I send out are tailored for a specific target audience. They are also used to encourage membership participation, and market upcoming events.  View more emails»